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To make things easier, wevecompiled a list of eateries around Primark that would provide awelcome respite after jostling about with other shoppers in Primarks Marble Arch or Oxford Street stores. (Note: All prices exclude VAT, currently at 20%, and service charge, customarily at 10-15%, though the latter can be refused if the service is found to be unreasonably bad) Primark Marble Arch Source: @chococherrie Primarks first flagship store in London is often packed with both tourists and locals, bothlooking for a great fashion bargain. Given the nearest eating options are sandwich chain Pret A Manger, pubs, McDonalds and the occasional kebab shop, the food-conscious Singaporean traveller might find these options uninspired andlook a bit harder for a post-shopping meal.Here are some of the more interesting finds. Source: @ladyironchef Last 5 years, London saw a revival of Indian food. Roti Chai is an attempt to ride that wave, showcasing affordable Indian street fare in a simple unassuming setting. In keeping with current trends, the menu is structured to encourage sharing with friends tapas-style. So, whilemost items this page served in the street kitchen can be had for under 10, you will have to order multiple items to make it a meal, as recommended in the menu . Tucked away from the bustle of Oxford Street,the restaurantcan be rather quiet, providing a welcome break fromintense shopping sessions. Source: @heyyitsella The British-Italian restaurant chain Pizza Express established their first outpost in Singapore at Scotts Square, featuring a smaller selection compared to their branches in the UK.

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The alliance's founding treaty commits members to consider an attack on any one state as an attack on all. A Kremlin spokesman said he agreed with Trump that NATO, characterized by Russian officials as a hostile remnant of the Cold War, was obsolete. Germany's transatlantic coordinator, Juergen Hardt, told Reuters he did not expect Congress to allow Washington to give up its leadership role in NATO. He said key U.S. lawmakers, including Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, had told him several weeks ago they expected Washington to remain a reliable partner in the 28-nation bloc, and he did not expect Trump to reverse the deployment of 4,000 U.S. troops to Poland. Norbert Roettgen, head of Germany's foreign affairs committee, said Germany should fight to restore Western unity. "Europe is not able to replace the security role of the United States so there is a lot at stake - the very foundations of liberal order internationally and European security. And for that we should fight because it is our very existential interest," Roettgen told Reuters.