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Do you really think I want to talk about that now? Maybe? He rolled his eyes and sighed once more. I considering launching into the story myself, but I didnt want to upset my father any further. Nor was I 100 percent confident that this was the right time to tell the boys. And so the moment passed I guess Ive never really had a plan for when to tell my children anything about this part of their family history. Ive pondered breaking silence occasionally, particularly if something reminded me of it, like when someone painted swastikas in our towns middle school or when Evan chose to do a school presentation on Israel. But I only cautiously answered questions until the day the when the boys broke the frame. It happened on aSaturday lastJune. The boys had been tossing a football upstairs in our attic and they knocked over the red frame with Lubas picture in it. This certainly wasnt the first time Id seen the frame lying askew on the carpet before and each time Id felt a pang of guilt thinking, Hasnt she been through enough already?But each time I simply picked the picture up and put it back in its place.

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